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Finding Information

For most students, the biggest challenge encountered in the study and research process is knowing where to begin. Nursing Resource Center removes this stumbling block by providing students with numerous easy-to-use search options. Searches include:

Basic SearchBasic Search
This search appears on the main page and simply requires students to enter a word, words or phrase and then select from three options: Subject, Keyword (which is the default) or Entire Document.

Common DiseasesBrowse or Search Common Diseases
Students can select a hyperlinked disease name on the home page to navigate to a thorough disease overview from the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine.  Or, they can search for a disease overview from the same source in the Search Diseases: box on the home page. These features get students the concise disease overviews they need — fast.

Common DrugsBrowse or Search Drugs
Students can browse drug-class or drug-compound monographs from the 2008 PDR for Nurses from Nursing Resource Center's home page.  Alternatively, the 2008 PDR for Nurses can be searched separately from the rest of the database — this allows your users to easily drill into drug information without any distractions.

Advanced SearchAdvanced Search
Experienced researchers find our Advanced Search a great way to immediately hone their search strategy request. Students can enter up to 10 keywords or phrases, indicate in which indexes to look for the word(s), e.g., document title, publication title, document author, person name, etc. and combine or separate them using Boolean operators (and, or, not).

Students can also further limit their results by using such limiters as:

  • To documents with images
  • To peer-reviewed publications
  • By document type
  • By content level
  • And many more!

Subject GuideSubject Guide Search
Gives students the ability to browse a listing of subjects, people, products, locations and organizations that contain the words entered.

Publication SearchPublication Search
Gives researchers the ability to search for a single edition, volume or issue of a particular publication and retrieve all of its available documents.

Search Results
Results contents are tabulated based on the steps by which students care for patients and guide their treatment. The tabs are:

Disease OverviewsDisease Overviews — The ideal “first stop” for students needing a thorough, succinct disease overview. Disease articles include definitions, diagnoses, treatments, prognoses and more.

AssessmentsAssessments — Lists ways to gather subjective, objective and patient assessment data.

DiagnosticsDiagnostics — Lists various means of gathering objective data from a patient beyond the physical assessment. Provides overviews of tests, patient prep, normal and abnormal results.

InterventionsInterventions — Offers overviews of various procedures and the skills needed to perform them.

Drug OverviewsDrug Overviews — Displays monographs (from 2008 PDR for Nurses) for drugs used to treat a diagnosis as well as those that are contraindicated.

Care PlansCare Plans — Presents sample care plans that are relevant to the conducted search, including assessments, nursing diagnoses (NANDA/NIC/NOC), expected outcomes and more.

MultimediaMultimedia — View short, dynamic animations of how diseases and conditions affect the human body.

Journal CitationsJournal Citations — Provides citation information for journal articles relevant to your search. However, if you already have invested in select Gale premium periodical files, you will have access to those full-text articles in Nursing Resource Center. Alternatively, students can link to other aggregated journal products within your library's current collection. If you are looking for a brand-new nursing periodical file, ask your Gale sales representative about adding Gale's new robust and comprehensive Nursing and Allied Health Collection periodical file to your available resources.

Related ArticlesRelated Articles — Captures other articles that are relevant. Anatomy and physiology, nutrition basics and other foundational chapters are found in this tab.