Health Solutions - Nursing Resource Center

Quick Summary

Building on Gale’s reputation for providing award-winning health materials, Nursing Resource Center fills the void of an online resource for beginning LPN, LVN, ADN, RN and BSN students nationwide. Created in close collaboration with nursing instructors and students and the librarians that support them, Nursing Resource Center takes textbooks and curricula into account and presents students with information that mirrors the “nursing process” — a workflow that organizes how students diagnose, treat and care for patients — as it is taught in the classroom.

This resource is a must-have for any school, college or university that offers nursing and allied health programs. Nursing Resource Center offers students:

Ease-of-Use — For students who need information fast, there are three sure-fire search methods and intuitive results tabs that deliver the right results STAT.

Convenience — Users can access this resource from anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7 – long after the library has closed. And it’s perfect for distance learning programs! Plus, the online eBooks can save students from having multiple textbooks to lug around.

On-site Help — Students at internships or in a clinical rotation or preparing for Skills Labs can access this online resource for quick assessment and consultation.

Homework Help — Students have access to cross-searchable resources. In addition, multimedia content can supplement and enhance learning by helping students better understand the information.

Test Preparation — This is the ideal resource for students preparing to take the NCLEX-PN or the NCLEX-RN. Students may use Nursing Resource Center to reinforce classroom learning; double-check homework assignments; and find additional reading and authoritative articles for research work. As students prepare for their certification exam, Nursing Resource Centerís Nursing Toolbox, classification codes, and condition search become invaluable study aides.