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Price It! Antiques & Collectibles is a personal, instant "Antiques Road Show" that provides a sophisticated, up-to-date, easy-to-use resource — whether the user is a professional art appraiser or a budding collector.

How do you go about hiring an appraiser for your antiques and collectibles? How do you spot a fake antique piece of furniture? What is the history behind one of the most collectible toys in America — the "Barbie"?

The answers to these and other interesting collectibles questions are now included in Price It! Antiques & Collectibles online resource.

Find information on:

  • Pottery
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Art
  • And other antiques & collectible categories of interest

With new subjects and content monthly, there will always be topics of interest for your library patrons to read when they are searching the online resource to value their antiques and collectibles.

More than 60 million images let them see exactly what they're looking for
A picture can be worth a thousand words when your patrons need that extra help identifying an item. In addition, seeing the condition of an item leads to more accurate pricing. So whether they’re serious collectors, antiques dealers or just trying to determine the value of something found in the attic, Price It! Antiques & Collectibles can save time and money with a fast and accurate value determination.  

Key features that set Price It! Antiques & Collectibles apart from other online appraising sources:

  • We provide an online resource of collectibles-related articles where researchers and collectors alike can find current and past stories that complement the pricing information they receive
  • We cover collectibles, not just high-end antiques. This makes us more appealing to a wider range of users because we include categories such as Bakelite, comic books and Coca Cola® collectibles
  • Our data sources include online auction sources (eBay®), online retail (GoAntiques, TIAS.com) and brick-and-mortar auction houses. This is unlike other online resources that offer information from auction houses only. So patrons can feel confident that they're getting a more accurate price representation
  • We're adding more than 2 million records a month to the 41 million+ already in our files. Other online resources offer as few as 350,000 records
  • A directory of more than 6,000 collecting clubs from around the world — join a club on a collectibles topic that interests you! This easy-to-search resource delivers club descriptions, membership information and Web links
  • Unlike online resources that source only brick-and-mortar auction houses, Price It! Antiques & Collectibles adds results from online auction sites and online retail sites. Patrons get a much wider perspective on collectibles and a more accurate, real-world price representation

Search/Sort criteria include:

  • Category type
  • Sale date range
  • Data source
  • Keyword
  • Images (patrons may include or exclude items without images)
  • Price Range