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For users seeking valuable information on colleges, technical schools, practice entrance exams and certifications, and professional license exams, look no further than the convenient and comprehensive Testing & Education Reference Center. TERC is the one-stop, go-to digital resource that shows users exactly what to expect, and how to prepare for and excel at the next level. TERC's updated content, functionality and new eBooks give users everything they need to further their education and careers with confidence.

With the addition of Delmar career certifications, TERC improves the way it serves students who are interested in other non-college pursuits as well. The eCourse for Medical Assisting, for example, features personalized study plans, exam subject reviews, practice questions and detailed explanations of answers.

Practice tests made perfect

Practice testing for the ACT, SAT and PSAT exams has never been easier. Along with the many varied diagnostic pre-tests that help students determine where they currently stand and how much prep they need before taking a certification exam, Testing & Education Reference Center now features full-length, timed practice exams that simulate the actual testing experience.

Maximize opportunities for learning and educational success

The ability to search colleges and universities, financial aid programs and scholarship information in one easily accessible spot alone makes Testing & Education Reference Center a valuable resource. TERC provides a vast collection of information on two- and four-year institutions to help students and parents screen potential schools.

Intuitive searches and quick results deliver information that include the school’s location, tuition, majors, average G.P.A. of incoming students, religious affiliations, and much more. And when the selection comes down to a graduate school, students can find nearly 37,000 accredited programs representing a variety of disciplines. There’s even a tuition cost calculator so parents can easily assess the investment they need to make in their child’s education.

Career advancement starts here!

Testing & Education Reference Center is perfect for job seekers or anyone looking to make a career change. With TERC, users can explore career choices, assess their likes, determine their abilities and strengths, measure their interests, build a web-based resume, create a cover letter, research specific job salaries, and map a career path to occupations most suitable to their goals.