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The integrated content available in Gale World Scholar is vital for anyone seeking a profound understanding of a particular region, including daily life, culture, traditions, its inhabitants, and chronicles past and present from a historical and contemporary perspective — in a searchable, digital format. The result is a captivating picture of the region that is larger and richer than the sum of its parts.

  • Hundreds of major topics, issues and people
  • Relevant archival material (monographs, manuscripts, maps, pamphlets, and newspapers), including never-before-digitized documents
  • Scholarly journals, newspapers and periodicals, dynamically updated
  • Fast-flip feature allows browsing through historical monographs
  • Dynamic multimedia end-user experience through interactive maps, audio/video, think-tank and policy studies, statistical information, and much more
  • Easily navigate and discover content in context to complete projects and assignments
  • Original scholarship-signed essays allow researchers to connect between key topics and primary sources, giving new perspectives to historical content.


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