Gale World Scholar PROSE Award

Gale World Scholar: Latin America & Caribbean received the prestigious 2011 PROSE award for e/Product, Best in Social Sciences. The PROSE Award is bestowed by the Association of American Publishers for excellence in professional and scholarly publishing.

Explore like never before

Developing the skills to become proficient in evaluating content and choosing resources suitable for use on course assignments can be a bit daunting for today's students. But beginning the research process and navigating through the staggering volume of sources available — which are often unfiltered or invalidated — poses an even greater challenge.

Gale World Scholar, an innovative new resource for regional studies, combines for the first time historical primary and secondary sources with contemporary content and places them in an engaging context highlighted by rich multimedia, interactive tools and much more to deliver an added dimension to the discovery process.

  • Authoritative content and vetted sources
  • Reviewed by scholars
  • Dynamic end-user experience
  • Unique value

Get information about our first region release, Latin America & the Caribbean:
Download our Fact Sheet [pdf, 780 KB]
Download our Fact Sheet for Special Libraries [pdf, 780 KB]

Guevara, Ernesto Che