Gale World Scholar launches in Latin America

Gale World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean serves academic institutions with Latin American and Caribbean Studies Departments or undergraduate and graduate courses across multiple disciplines. Independent researchers, corporate businesses, public library patrons and upper level high school students interested in regional studies will also find Gale World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean an appealing and beneficial resource.

This multidisciplinary resource will include a comprehensive range of content for the region, providing research across the humanities, both for current Latin America and the Caribbean and as a historical perspective back through the colonial period.

Sample Portal topics include: Migration, Nationhood and the Imagination, Fruit Industry, Architecture, Gender Issues, Liberation Theology, and nearly 300 additional subjects.

Signature elements of Gale World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean include:

  • A combination of contemporary and historical documents designed to reveal a true depiction of the nature, integrity and culture of Latin America.
  • Documents in multiple languages
  • Historical and contemporary maps

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