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Source: "New York." The AP World: 7. Associated Press Collections Online. May 2016.
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Discover original perspectives on global historical events from a distinguished news reporting organization.

The News Features & Internal Communications Collection highlights the interpretive and analytic side of journalism and tells the story of the Associated Press itself. The news features, dating from 1940, include news analysis, human interest stories, and entertainment and sports reporting.

Written by many of the AP’s best writers, these pieces allowed journalists the freedom to address cultural happenings, examine the back story, and provide an interpretation of events. This collection also provides rare access to an array of internal AP publications dating from the turn of the twentieth century. The AP World and other in-house serial publications cover staff news, company news, technological innovations, bureau histories, news policies, and weekly tallies of the AP’s top stories.

Non-serial publications include a wide variety of informational and promotional brochures, AP style manuals, handbooks for correspondents, and technical manuals. Together, these publications are an invaluable source of information about the AP and its staff as well as the history of news coverage, news transmission, and photo technology. Also included in the collection are unpublished histories and personal papers of AP staff members.

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The Associated Press Collections Online advisory board consists of scholars in the disciplines of Journalism, History, and English. Additional ad hoc advisory groups were formed with scholars from disciplines such as Advertising and Public Relations, Communications, Sociology, and Political Science. Board members and advisory groups helped shape the collections, and advised on product features, design, and user experience.

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The database will be of immense value to students and scholarly or professional investigators in the fast-changing field of journalism; historical researchers will also find it a tremendous resource.

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