Career Transitions
Helping people find their true calling

Employment-related activities are the number one use of public libraries today. Similar demands extend to colleges and schools, as well as communities at large. The new Career Transitions provides hands-on guidance and immediate access to key job search activities.
  • Job-Seeking: multi-faceted job searching and related activities for creating resumes and cover letters, applying and preparing for interviews
  • Career Exploration: discovering career interests; identifying new opportunities based on work or military experience; exploring growing career paths, including green and new economy jobs; and finding education and training
User Outcomes: The new Career Transitions provides detailed insight into the activities your users are engaging in through its new Trends, Activities, Outcomes and Reporting feature:
  • Visual, easy-to-create reports detailing what users are engaging in and finding valuable
  • Optional user surveys to identify accomplishments and value (jobs, progress)
New Features and Functionality: In addition to delivering measurable details on user accomplishments and successes, the new Career Transitions offers many new features and functionality:
  • Interactive interview practice
  • Matching work and military experience to new careers
  • Multiple job-search options, including internships and entry-level, with job tracking
  • Comprehensive education and training options by career, program and location
  • Guided resume and cover letter creation
  • Continually updated expert advice and industry-leading content
  • Hundreds of career overview videos, including "A Day in the Life" series featuring real people who work in those occupations
  • A new, streamlined interface designed to give users immediate access to activities
  • And more

Now Integrated with Testing & Education Reference Center! For customers who have subscriptions to both solutions, Career Transitions now connects their users directly and seamlessly into Testing & Education Reference Center for all of their practice test and exam preparation needs.

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