K-12 Libraries

Students who are college-bound, searching for an internship or preparing to enter the workforce will find Career Transitions' intuitive user experience designed to engage them and guide them through practical learning activities and important education and career decisions.

Today's students learn actively, so Career Transitions provides them with Personal Learning Experiences (PLEs) that are interactive and helpful. These include:
  • An engaging and eye-opening career interest assessment that identifies career inclinations while helping students learn what criteria and requirements they should follow in exploring and comparing career options
  • The Dept. of Education's 16 Career Clusters, as well as featured career pathways, including Green and new and emerging careers
  • A guided search through 9,000 post-secondary schools that helps students start with a specific career or program to identify, explore and compare their post-high school education options
  • A customized, interactive interview simulation
  • Resume and cover letter creation, with realistic samples, in-context tips and examples, and practical guidance in the form of videos and short how-to articles
  • Access to available job openings and internships

Now Integrated with Testing & Education Reference Center! For customers who have subscriptions to both solutions, Career Transitions now connects their users directly and seamlessly into Testing & Education Reference Center for all of their practice test and exam preparation needs.