Career Transitions
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"A fascinating and valuable resource..."
Owen Maloney
Clapp Memorial Library


Source: Choice magazine (June 2010), a publication relied on by more than 35,000 academic librarians, faculty, and key decision makers
Review: "Overall, the structured way that Career Transitions takes users through the content is perfect for public libraries, career centers, and career libraries whose staff have limited time to help users navigate through information. Both novices and seasoned professionals will benefit from the step-by-step organization of this online tool. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, professionals, and general audience."

Source: Information Today, the newspaper for users and producers of digital information services
Review: "The most pressing question for working Americans during the current financial crisis has not been "What is the federal deficit?" or "How much has the Dow dropped this week?" It's been something much more basic: "Will my job still be there tomorrow?" MORE>>

Source: Norfolk Daily News, northeast Nebraska's most reliable news source
Review: "Losing a job is difficult. The same can be said for starting over. But with a new program at the Norfolk Public Library, some of that stress should be eased. The library recently began offering Web-based Career Transitions, an electronic resource offering a comprehensive guide to career change." MORE>>