Workforce Development
Empower your workforce

Designed to help users from all demographics across your community, Career Transitions will empower displaced workers and other job seekers and enhance your workforce development programs and community partnership efforts.
  • Displaced workers affected by economic recession and job outsourcing
  • Workers in need of job training and retraining
  • White-collar workers displaced by tough economic conditions
  • Manual and migrant laborers who have lost their jobs
  • Students struggling to break into the job market, transitioning into family-sustaining wage employment or exploring nontraditional opportunities
  • Seniors returning to the job market to supplement dwindling retirement income
  • And more

Helping You Transform Lives in Your Community: The new Career Transitions provides immediate access to the most important job-seeking and career learning activities for people in your community. The Career Transitions experience is about accessibility and guidance: helping people get started—and follow through—on meaningful activities to improve their chances of finding sustainable employment.

Partnering with You to Make a Difference: We understand the need to not only provide accessible and intuitive employment resources, but to measure the effectiveness of employment programs and funding efforts as well. Enter Career Transitions Trends, Activities, Outcomes and Reporting services, which are designed to provide detailed insight into the transformational activities your users are engaging in, including the option to gather individual success stories and achievements. These services will help you deliver measurable results to your community and funding sources:
  • Visual, easy-to-create reports detailing what users are engaging in and finding valuable
  • Optional user surveys to identify accomplishments and transformative value (jobs, progress)
With Gale | Cengage's 57-year legacy of providing information solutions for government agencies, businesses and educational institutions, you can trust that Career Transitions will bring ease of use and value to your programs and participants. Our experienced team will partner with you to effectively implement the Career Transitions program — and will stay with you for ongoing support.