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The Story Behind the Headline.

For more than 170 years, the Associated Press (AP) has delivered the news when and where it occurs. Together, the AP and Gale are making previously unseen news copy and footage available to tell the stories of our past in vivid detail.

"The AP World." The AP World II.1 (1947). Associated Press Collections Online.
The AP World

Associated Press + Your Library

Associated Press Collections Online brings to life historical events from around the globe with award-winning news coverage, imagery, and behind-the-scenes context. A vast presentation of the history and back story of the venerable Associated Press—decades worth of wire copy, correspondence, memos, internal publications, and more—the Associated Press Collections Online meets the research needs of a variety of disciplines, including journalism, history, women's studies, political science, sociology, business, and more.

This six-part collection of primarily twentieth-century materials consists of:

  • Actual wire copy including never-before published materials, often complete with editor and/or field notes
  • Intra- and inter-bureau correspondence, from within and beyond the United States
  • Personal papers from reporters and photographers, including notebooks, personal letters, and photo outtakes
  • Photos and video footage


Platform Features & Tools

Term Frequency

Researchers can now easily see the frequency of search terms within sets of content to begin identifying central themes and assessing how individuals, events, and ideas interacted and developed over time.

Term Clusters

By grouping commonly occurring themes, this tool reveals hidden connections to search terms — helping scholars shape their research and integrate diverse content with relevant information.


Integrate content from complementary primary source products in one intuitive environment to enable users to make never-before-possible research connections.


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