Research and learning possibilities are improved and expanded when you give users the power to find and share more relevant results in one platform. When users browse Archives Unbound on the Gale Primary Sources platform, relevant Gale eBooks will be recommended as related resources.

Students and faculty will be able to navigate directly from Archives Unbound documents to view topical eBooks from your library’s collection in a new browser tab on the Gale eBooks platform. This feature gives a broader contextual understanding of the primary sources and deepens their knowledge of the topic, issue, or time.

Browse eBook Lists by Archives Unbound Topics

Explore curated lists of Gale eBooks that coincide with the primary topic areas in Archives Unbound. Browse eBooks that support African American studies, American Indian studies, Asian studies, British history, Holocaust studies, Latin American and Caribbean studies, LGBTQ+ studies, Middle Eastern studies, political science, religious studies, women’s studies, and more.

Add these titles to your eBook collection to enhance your Archives Unbound research experience.


Archives Unbound Related Resources with Gale eBooks

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