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From ready-to-use visualizations to automatic and custom grouping (based on transaction history and engagement with library services), Gale Engage empowers its users by simplifying data analysis and streamlining personalized outreach. Our user-friendly solution ingests public library data files of all kinds so you can quickly identify key patterns and behaviors as your community members use the library resources. This allows library staff more time to analyze library statistics and interpret data visualizations. With access to this kind of data analysis, librarians can elevate the value of their library analytics and their footprint within the community served. 

Public library staff can benefit from a cohesive display of statistics and key metrics that allow for faster and more efficient decision-making. The Gale Engage home page is entirely customizable for each librarian or user, adding data visualizations and metrics that are most relevant to their role within the library. Automatic and custom groups allow users to specifically target a group who will benefit and be most interested in your public library programs and services. A custom group created by the library could be program attendees, and an automatic group based on transaction history could be genre or resource type. Users can download group lists, or built-in tools will allow select users to attach groups to their email automation system for easy deployment and scheduling.

Imagine library management from a single comprehensive tool. By simplifying data analytics and providing advanced visualizations, your library will have the ability to engage with patrons in specific, measurable ways. Gale Engage positions your library to be a lifelong resource for your community members’ needs as you center your internal workings to be more agile, data-driven, and adaptive.

Gale Engage was developed in partnership with Deziner Software., LLC.

Platform Features & Tools

Data Synthesis

Upload disparate data files from various vendors in one center for statistical analysis. Customized scripts take these raw exports and turn them into metrics to analyze and view.


View public library statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) through graphs and other visualizations to design goals around data, analyze reports more efficiently, and make more informed decisions.

Patron Groups

Automatic grouping based on library users’ transaction history data and custom groups based on engagement with library services and programs allow for effective outreach activities with the community.

Email Targeting

Leverage groups to either export targeted cardholder lists to your email system or create, schedule, and send marketing outreach programs to your customers using a connection to select email marketing systems, including Mailchimp.

Social Media Management

Manage and post to multiple library social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Privacy By Design

Ensure privacy using Gale Engage end-to-end encryption to protect patron privacy and personally identifiable information (PII).

Awards & Recognition

Gale Engage was named a 2021 EdTech Cool Tool Award Finalist in the Best New Product or Service Released in 2019 or Later category.

Gale Engage was also named a 2020 CODiE Award Finalist in the Best CRM Solution category.

Personalized To Your Library

Gale Engage is designed for use across your entire organization, from director to the outreach librarian. With the ability to create customized roles and permissions, library staff at all levels can access functionality and information most relevant to their position. 

Common Data Sources Supported

Turn your public library’s data files into data visualizations. We currently support the following data sources such as SirsiDynix, Sierra, Freegal, ComicsPlus, RB Digital audiobooks & comics and can create customized scripts for any file type.

Testimonials & Reviews

"Gale Engage’s data aggregation and reporting capabilities help us streamline complex and time-consuming tasks."

Misty Jones
Director of Library Services
San Diego Public Library
San Diego, CA

Hear more from Misty Jones as she discusses Gale Engage and what excites her the most about this product.

"While libraries are used to having a plethora of data, the need to protect patron privacy has previously limited the usefulness of this information. This invaluable new tool now offers a way to tap this data.  Setting out to help libraries overcome challenges with customizability and ease of use at the forefront, Gale Engage is highly recommended for all public libraries."

Katie McGaha
Adult/Teen Services Librarian
L.A. County Library
Agoura Hills, CA

Look Inside

Track transactional and collection library data statistics and through groupings.

Helpful metrics aid users to understand how their library is performing in comparison to national, state, and local averages.

Visualize public library KPIs using graphs and charts to report out data analytics to stakeholders and staff. The dashboard is fully customizable. 

Use customer analysis and groups to segment and send relevant emails or export targeted lists to your email system of choice.