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From ready-to-use visualizations to patron grouping (based on transaction history and engagement with library services), Gale Engage empowers its users to personalize outreach and work more efficiently. Our solution ingests and centralizes library data so you can analyze patron interactions in real time and identify key patterns and behaviors. This information elevates the value of your data, making your public library system more adaptive to the needs of your diverse communities.

Our CRM like system offers a visual display of key metrics allowing for faster and more efficient decision-making. Patron groups allow users to specifically target segments who will benefit and be most interested in your public library's programs and services. Imagine library management from a single comprehensive tool. With accurate data and the ability to engage with your patrons in specific, measurable ways, public libraries can use Gale Engage to be more agile, data driven, and adaptive.

Gale Engage was developed in partnership with Deziner Software., LLC.

Platform Features & Tools

Data Synthesis

Upload disparate data files from various vendors. Customized scripts take these raw exports and turn them into metrics to view on the dashboard.


View library trends and key performance indicators to design goals around data, manage reports more efficiently, and make better decisions.

Patron Groups

Automatic grouping from transaction history data and custom groups based on engagement with library services and programs, allow for effective communication with customers.

Email Targeting

Leverage patron groups to either export targeted cardholder lists to your email system or create, schedule, and send marketing campaigns to your patrons using a connection to select email marketing systems, including MailChimp.

Social Media Management

Manage multiple library social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Privacy By Design

Ensure privacy using Gale Engage and end-to-end encryption to protect patron privacy & personally identifiable information (PII).

What Customers Are Saying About Gale Engage

"Gale Engage’s data aggregation and reporting capabilities help us streamline complex and time-consuming tasks."

Misty Jones
Director of Library Services
San Diego Public Library
San Diego, CA

Hear more from Misty Jones as she discusses Gale Engage and what excites her the most about this product launch. 

Look Inside

View and manage your custom and automatic patron groups.

Helpful metrics aid users to understand how their library is performing in comparison to national, state, and local averages (and medians).

Leverage the dashboard to visualize trends and KPIs to report out to stakeholders and staff. The dashboard is fully customizable.

Use patron groups to segment and schedule/send emails to relevant audiences.

Common Data Sources Supported

Turn your public library's raw data exports into a visual display of your specified, cohesive metrics. We currently support the following data sources and can create customized scripts for any file type.

• SirsiDynix

• Sierra

• Freegal

• ComicsPlus

• RBdigital Studiobooks

• RBdigital Comics

Additional Features in Development

Gale Engage currently offers the following features, but they are still in active development. As we continue collecting feedback, these features will be updated to accommodate library needs.

• Program Tracking 

• Calendar View

• Task Management 

• Equipment and Consumables