2020 Dartmouth Medal Winner

This Dartmouth Medal award-winning title includes the history of, and current developments in, LGBTQ-related topics and events around the world. Featuring material written by academics from 35 countries and content covering 70 countries, this encyclopedia boasts 380 entries, the most extensive encyclopedia of its kind. Click here to learn more about the Dartmouth Medal.

2020 Dartmouth Medal Honorable Mention & 2020 PROSE Award Finalist

An authoritative resource featuring 200 narrative works that shed light on the lives of people with disabilities. This two-volume title provides biographical, historical, and literary context around each author/work and elucidates the role the text has played within the disability memoir.

2020 RUSA Outstanding References Source

A comprehensive guide to the important topic of emerging and infectious diseases; covering the history, politics, and ethical debates related to infectious diseases. This set includes articles on how diseases impact science and culture, travel, and the future of both industrialized and impoverished nations.

2020 PROSE

Investigating the cultural and economic impact of sports in the twenty-first century. Special emphasis is given to themes with entwined economic, political, and cultural reverberations, such as sports and inequality, gender, diplomacy, social mobility, race relations, and environmental sustainability.

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