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See Your Library through a New Lens

This ALA Annual Conference, we want to see you smile! Find accessible research and learning solutions that will help everyone in your library accomplish their goals at booth 1317. Plus, get a free professional headshot from our in-booth photographer.

Say Cheese at the Gale Booth

Join us at booth 1317 to discover resources that fit your learners and pose for a free professional headshot. Photos are available first come, first served in exchange for participating in a short survey on Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Headshot Tips
    • Dress how you want to be portrayed!
    • Avoid wearing items that may cast shadows including heavy/solid earrings. Ensure ties and lapels are pressed flat.
    • Avoid wearing white or very light tops, unless under a darker jacket, as these may blend into the background. Dark and medium tones shoot best.
    • Avoid wearing ties, blouses, or other accessories that are too loud/have a heavy pattern.
    • Relax! This will be a low-pressure shoot in a friendly environment. Most people describe working with our photographer as having a conversation with a friend.
  • After Your Shoot

    You’ll be able to review and choose your headshot in the booth. Our photographer will retouch your chosen photo and we’ll share a download link with you via email after ALA.

  • A Note on Retouching

    The photographer may be able to remove spots or other minor things on your wardrobe, but can’t change the colors of your garments, how they fit, or shadows cast by or on them. Keep this in mind when selecting your outfit!

Find Resources to Smile About