Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: Missionaries associated with Fujian and Taiwan, 1889-1976

A compilation of 12 collections containing diaries, correspondence, and ephemera offering a unique perspective for understanding the history of Taiwan between the 1950s and the early 1970s, and how medical missionaries played an instrumental role in introducing modern Western medicine and health system to China.

Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: The Ashmore Family in China, Thailand, and Japan, 1850-1937

The Ashmore family dedicated their lives to performing missionary work.  Their collected papers bear witness to the fascinating experiences of generations of the family working to spread their faith.

Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: Jay C. and Lucile C. Oliver and YMCA China

The Young Men’s Christian Association first spread to China in 1885.  Jay Charles Oliver served as YMCA secretary in Hangchow and Shanghai, China from 1917 to 1943.

Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: Arthur M. Guttery and YMCA China

YMCA China made a significant contribution to the mass education movement and the indigenization of Christianity in the country in the first half of the 20th century.  From 1913 to 1928 the Rev. Guttery served as general secretary for the YMCA and organized the program when Wuhan was in the center of a rising tide of Communism.

Food History: Printed and Manuscript Recipe Books, 1669-1990

This delectable collection comprises centuries of recipes for the kitchen, medicinal formulas for the home, advice for the housekeeper, practical ways to cook on a budget, tips on serving and table etiquette, guidance concerning household management, how to grow one’s own food, how to select and buy food, and much more.

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