Hello and welcome to the UKSG Annual Conference 2023, from all of us at Gale.

In 2022, we celebrated 20 years of Gale Primary Sources. The program that began with the releases of Eighteenth Century Collections Online and The Times Digital Archive has developed into a global resource that encompasses more than 250 million images of material across cultures and centuries.

This year, new archives such as Decolonization: The Politics and Independence in Former Colonial and Commonwealth Territories bring the voices of colonised people to the forefront, telling the story of worldwide liberation struggles from the perspective of those who campaigned for their own independence. The Political Extremism and Radicalism series explores the origins and evolution of political beliefs that were once considered marginal but are now increasingly in mainstream view.

These new archives will soon be joined by offerings that focus on relevant topics such as the refugee crises during the early Cold War era; the history of environmental policy and movements; the social, cultural, and political history of the Latinx and disabled communities in North America; and other areas of research. And to support the rising interest in digital humanities and distant reading, Gale Digital Scholar Lab makes digital humanities tools, skills, and workflows more accessible for researchers at all levels.

Whether you’re helping an undergraduate student learn how to read a few sources closely or mentoring an advanced researcher analysing thousands of sources for hidden trends, Gale offers a solution to fit every need.

Meet our friendly team at the Gale stand or contact them using the details below.

We look forward to meeting you, and hope you enjoy the conference!

Discover the exciting new archives recently released:

  • Political Extremism and Radicalism, Part III: Global Communist and Socialist Movements

    The latest collection in this award-winning program examines the narratives and effects of Far Left political theories, including Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, Trotskyism, anarchism, and more. The collection, covering primarily the first half of the twentieth century and containing accounts that span the globe, offers rare, firsthand accounts of those who witnessed and participated in communist, socialist, and far-left groups, and chronicles their impact on capitalist nations.


  • American Historical Periodicals from the American Antiquarian Society, Part VII

    The seventh collection of newly digitised holdings from the American Antiquarian Society features periodicals covering a wide variety of topics, including archaeology, art, commerce, education, health and medicine, literature, regional and national history, manufacturing, military history, politics, religion, and youth culture. This diversity of periodicals gives researchers multiple lenses through which to view the American experience.


  • Decolonization: Politics and Independence in Former Colonial and Commonwealth Territories

    Crucial to research related to processes and movements of decolonisation are the voices of local players who helped forge their country’s new direction. This archive presents political ephemera and organisational material produced during the twentieth century in over 70 previously colonised countries and territories. This collection sheds light on national political developments and social movements that followed decolonisation, and how former colonies and Commonwealth territories negotiated their own agency and futures. 


  • State Papers Online Colonial: Asia, Part I: Far East, Hong Kong, and Wei-Hai-Wei

    This collection is the first installment in State Papers Online Colonial, which brings British Colonial Office f iles from The National Archives in the United Kingdom to a global audience. These Colonial Office working files illustrate two very different sides in the colonial relationship: a British government whose main priority was the acquisition of commodities, wealth, and labour; and the local people living under colonial rule and British-style institutions for law, health, education, policing, defense, agriculture, and industry. Image courtesy of The National Archives image library.


  • British Library Newspapers: Part VI: Ireland, 1783–1950

    With the sixth installment of the British Library Newspapers series, students and researchers will uncover valuable counternarratives to those established by the British news media regarding core topics on Irish identity: independence, the Irish diaspora, the Roman Catholic Church, famines, and much more. Part VI offers an unparalleled list of never-before-digitised national and regional Irish newspapers from the British Library. 


  • The Times Educational Supplement Historical Archive, 1910–2000

    Student and faculty researchers can find nine decades of insight from the world’s longest-running print authority on education, The Times Educational Supplement (TES). The over 4,000 issues contain more than just articles on education in the UK. TES serves as a repository of opinions, reviews, and reports on matters extending beyond pedagogy, encompassing educational reform, social policy, the effects of Anglo-American education on local cultures in other countries, and much more.


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