Inspire Intentional Strategic Plans for Library Marketing

Managing your library’s many priorities, programs, collections, and resources can be overwhelming—especially if you don’t have a large team with the time and experience to share responsibilities. To meet strategic planning initiatives, marketing is just one of countless objectives librarians must juggle.

Marketing is essential for connecting your community to the library and driving the usage of your resources. From managing media communications to creating promotional materials to sharing on social media sites like TikTok, marketing initiatives for your library can take many forms.

Reduce the guesswork and potential stress of creating and fulfilling marketing objectives with Gale Analytics. This tool helps balance community demographic insight with your library’s own data to fuel more efficient strategic marketing plans.

Discover Gale Analytics

Gale Analytics is a comprehensive, data-driven resource that librarians can leverage to better understand their patrons both as library users and general consumers of goods and services. Built with powerful demographic integrations, this solution helps fuel informed community outreach programs for your library. Research the audiences in your market to develop creative marketing campaigns that resonate.

Using the power of Experian's Mosaic® USA proprietary household segmentation system and data blending, Gale Analytics allows you to segment households in your service area into 71 unique profiles, or Mosaics, based on demographic and lifestyle characteristics. This information is crucial to understanding the needs of both patrons and nonpatrons in your library's market.

Other key features of Gale Analytics include the Tableau dashboard outputs. These dashboards allow you to easily export, share, and manipulate patron and nonpatron mailing lists to promote your library services. 

Give your library staff access to tools with rich visuals and moving maps that allow them to gain a more complete view of your community and find new ways to prove your library’s value. Maximize your marketing potential with Gale Analytics

How Can a Marketing Solution Benefit Your Library?

  • Improve Strategic Planning:

    Insights found in Gale Analytics are valuable for strategic plans, programming, collections, and marketing outreach. Whether your library is creating a strategic plan from scratch or modifying and improving its current strategic priorities, offerings, and marketing activities, Gale Analytics gives you the necessary expertise to identify needs in your community and develop a strategy to promote your services.

  • Create More Effective Marketing:

    Use Gale Analytics to brainstorm ideas and develop more effective campaigns to communicate with your market. Rich insights into your library's local demographics help you develop a greater understanding of your target audience. Learn which marketing tools and messaging will make a greater impact on your market by studying interests, income levels, technology use, and more.

  • Improve Your Library's Accessibility:

    Ensure your library can serve the diverse needs of your community by providing content, resources, and programs that suit a range of needs. Gale Analytics gives you a full picture of your community's demographics so you can develop a more strategic plan to support inclusivity. From offering more options for accessible digital content to expanding your collection of large print books, becoming more informed about your community's demographics can help you support equity of access for all.