Of the many challenges educators have had to face this past year, guiding students on overcoming biases ranks high on the list. Listen as Kathy Carroll, 2020-2021 AASL President, moderates a roundtable discussion on the subject in a one-hour webinar presented by AASL and sponsored by Gale, a Cengage company. Four experts in the field share ideas on how school librarians and other educators can rely on credible sources to support diverse perspectives and help students assess and navigate bias.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to educate administrators, school leaders, and students about privileges, biases, and inequities in schools.
  • Learn ways to facilitate productive conversations and improve intergroup relations.
  • See how credible sources can help students to think critically and push past media (and social media) biases.


  • Kathy Carroll, Lead School Librarian, Westwood High School Library Information Center, Columbia, SC and 2020-2021 AASL President


  • Nancy Jo Lambert, High School Teacher Librarian, Frisco Independent School District, Frisco, TX
  • Vernita Mayfield, President, Leadervation Learning and Author of ASCD’s Cultural Competence Now: 56 Exercises to Help Educators Understand and Challenge Bias, Racism, and Privilege
  • Maegen Rose, Middle School Librarian, Rye Country Day School, Westchester County, NY
  • Andrea Drouillard, Director, Gale, A Cengage Company, Farmington Hills, MI

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