Cameron’s Collection

Middle School and High School: As mental health issues continue to be a growing concern in our society, there is a particular focus on teens and young adults who are battling depression, anxiety, and stress. Helping students cope with everyday stressors, stay in the present moment, and learn they are not alone is at the core of Cameron’s Collection. Created in collaboration with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, this curated collection offers over 50 eBooks covering mental health issues and encourages students to seek help when they need it.

Elementary School: Being able to recognize emotions, learning how to deal with stress, and taking care of yourself are just a few of the important topics covered in Cameron’s Camp for Wellness on Gale eBooks. This 30+ eBook collection focuses on mental health support for younger students and is an invaluable resource for counselors, teachers, and families as they discuss these types of topics and issues with students.

Career and Technical Education Collections

Help teachers and students learn tech-based and career orientated skills. CTE collections are applicable to almost every school level and there are numerous titles focusing on careers so students can build essential workplace skills. Students can explore career opportunities as well as learn about career and college ready practices such as handling emotions, meeting graduation requirements, completing college applications, financial literacy skills, communication, transitioning to the workplace, and more.

Heritage Collections

The best way to preserve heritage is to share it with others, which is why Gale created multiple eBook collections that explore diverse cultures such as African American, Asian, Arab, Hispanic and Latino, and Native American. These collections are rich with information that students can find details on conflict, pop culture, discrimination, events, landmarks and monuments, religion, traditions, and important people. Heritage collections embody the concept of diversity and help students respect and celebrate cultural identity.

Inclusivity Collection

The Inclusivity Collection is a sub collection taken from the larger Diversity, Equity and Inclusion collection. This collection focuses on topics that are crucial for student to know as they learn to navigate their diverse world such as, the LGBTQ community, intolerance, stereotypes, racial inequality, hate crimes, sexism, and immigration. There is also information on specific types of discrimination against religion, disabilities, age, and sex as well as learning disabilities, sexual violence, homelessness, and civil rights movements. This collection can help students understand and appreciate the unique characteristics that make people who they are and learn to support each other.

Safety Collections

Lockdown drills, police in schools, and emergency preparedness are just some of the safety issues students are faced with today in communities and schools across the world. This collection addresses these concerns. Topics on school safety include lockdown, bullying, violence, mass shootings, assault, social media, and mental health. Home and community topics include homelessness, addiction, domestic issues, breakups and relationships, foster care, working together, civic responsibilities, street crime, emergency response and more.

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