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Caul Baby

  • Morgan Jerkins
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  • ISBN-10: 1432889648
  • ISBN-13: 9781432889647
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  • 494 Pages | Hardcover
  • Published/Released August 2021



A New York Times Bestselling Author
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Laila wants to become a mother, but her pregnancies have ended in heartbreak. She turns to the Melancons, a powerful Harlem family known for their caul, a precious layer of skin that is the secret source of their healing power. When a deal for Laila to acquire a piece of caul falls through, she is overcome with grief and rage. When her niece, Amara, gives birth, the baby is delivered to the Melancons to raise as one of their own. Hallow is special: she’s born with a caul. Amara, now a successful lawyer, looks for a way to avenge her longstanding grudge against the family. And when mother and daughter cross paths, Hallow must decide where she truly belongs.


Customer Reviews

“The writing is sharp with an empathetic undertone, encouraging readers to understand characters’ choices even if they don’t agree. Readers are taken through a spectrum of emotions with a satisfying payoff.”

— Booklist