Librarians aren’t shy about asking for what they want. And what you’ve been asking for is an ongoing selection of large print titles that appeal to male readers — beyond westerns and nonfiction.

This new standing order will feature mostly fiction and a few nonfiction titles from a mix of bestselling, nationally known, and debut authors whose works will have a strong appeal to men, curated by expert book-selector Bill Kelly.

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  • The Remaking
    Clay McLeod Chapman
    ISBN-13: 9781432873028 | Hardcover
    Published/Released January 2020
    Bill's Bookshelf
    Price: $ 30.99

  • In the Valley of the Sun
    Andy Davidson
    ISBN-13: 9781432844820 | Hardcover
    Published/Released December 2017
    Bill's Bookshelf
    Price: $ 30.99

  • The Motion of Puppets
    Keith Donohue
    ISBN-13: 9781410497307 | Hardcover
    Published/Released February 2017
    Bill's Bookshelf
    Price: $ 31.99