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The Girls I've Been

  • Tess Sharpe
  • ISBN-10: 1432885197
  • ISBN-13: 9781432885199
  • Shipping Weight: 1.50 lbs ( .68 kgs)
  • 548 Pages | Hardcover
  • Available February 2021

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An Award-Winning Author

Nora O’Malley’s been a lot of girls. As the daughter of a con artist who targets criminal men, she grew up as her mother’s protégé. When mom fell for a mark, Nora pulled the ultimate con: escape. For five years Nora’s been playing at normal. But she needs to dust off her skills because she has three problems: #1: Her ex walked in on her with her girlfriend, and Wes didn’t know about her and Iris. #2: The next morning, they all meet at the bank to deposit the fundraiser money they raised and it goes from awkward to deadly, because: #3: Right after they enter the bank, two guys start robbing it. The bank robbers may be trouble, but Nora’s something else entirely. They have no idea who they’re really holding hostage.