If you could only have one copy of a book, why wouldn’t you choose the large print version? There are many people who can benefit from large print. It’s an effective literacy intervention tool for those struggling to get their reading on track. Large print also reduces eye strain, providing an alternative for those experiencing digital eye fatigue. And it’s an easy-to-read format for seniors or anyone with a visual impairment.  

Our large print books are constructed of durable materials, such as laminated hardcover and library-bound softcover formats. They are made to withstand high-volume use and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They’re also cost effective. Thorndike Press offers free library processing and shipping on all orders. Plus, your library can subscribe to our Standing Order Plans for reoccurring savings. 

What You’ll Find

Thorndike Press large print books have been created with your patrons in mind. From the young reader who’s trying to get on track to the leisurely reader hoping for an escape, these books are designed to empower the joy of reading. Many are from bestselling authors—in fiction genres, like romance, mystery, and western, as well as nonfiction subgenres, such as biography, history, and lifestyle.


Thorndike Press, from Gale, a part of Cengage Group, publishes large print books for readers of all ages. We offer bestsellers and bestselling authors — in fiction genres from romance, mystery, and western to nonfiction subgenres such as biography, history, and lifestyle. With money-saving standing order plans, simultaneous publication of original editions, and distribution of top titles from other publishers, Thorndike Press is your dependable one-stop shop for the best large print selection.​