Support Readers with New Titles All Year Long

Offer Thorndike Press large print titles to your young readers and encourage reading confidence, progress, and success. The combination of larger font size and increased white space can improve key reading skills including decoding, tracking, and comprehension. Once those have been mastered, they can focus on enjoying reading versus working at it.


Why Subscribe?

  1. Convenience – Titles are shipped monthly or seasonally (based on selected program) and orders are fully processed – just unpack and shelf.
  2. Quality – Our plans feature a diverse selection of bestsellers, popular series, recognized authors, and award-winners.
  3. Value – No contract, no lock-in, no worries, and all titles are 100% guaranteed.


Available Plans: 

Middle Reader
24 titles | $414
Ease the transition from easy reader books to chapter books with large print copies of today’s bestselling middle grade authors and beloved characters. Interfile with the standard print editions and see which option kids reach for, you may be surprised! Titles in this plan are appropriate for ages 9–14 and grades 3–8 and ship monthly.


Young Adult
24 titles | $450
Teens who struggle with reading can benefit from a larger font size. Changing up the format they read may be just enough to keep them from feeling frustrating and quitting. This plan offers the best of young adult literature and is designed for grades 8 through 12, ages 14 and beyond. These are high-appeal titles with adult crossover potential and ship monthly.


Youth Deluxe Plan
102+ titles | $2,141
Combines the Middle Grade and Young Adult plans and provides additional titles appropriate for grades 3-12. Building out your youth collection is an easy way to offer an equitable format to all ages of readers.


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