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Gale is pleased to present Peterson’s Master the DSST Collection to help prepare students for higher education and beyond. It features a collection of 25 eBooks, each containing 3–5 practice tests. The DSST is a set of standardized tests meant to assess knowledge of a variety of subjects. A satisfactory score on the DSST can be used to obtain college credit at many colleges and universitiessaving time and money, helping to get a head start on higher education and building practical skills for career pursuits.


Featured Titles


Ethics in Technology

Math for Liberal Arts

The Civil War and Reconstruction

Gale eBooks provide an award-winning, hassle-free eBook experienceaccessible at users’ convenience anytime, anywhere, on their preferred devices. Many of today's prominent publishers can be accessed via Gale's eBook platform.

Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep provides students with online resources for covering standardized tests, college and career research, tuition assistance, career certification exams, resumés, and cover letters. It also provides professional development and networking.

Gale Presents: Peterson's Test and Career Prep resources provide easily accessible training and testing materials, guiding students along their journey through higher education to their dream job.

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