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Designed for readers in high school and beyond, The Encyclopedia of Emerging Markets, Second Edition focuses on some of the world's currently identified emerging markets and includes geographic and industry maps and key macroeconomic data.

Supporting courses and disciplines such as business, finance, marketing, and economics, The Encyclopedia of Emerging Markets, Second Edition provides 33 fully updated country overview essays along with 4 additional countries, each accompanied by 1-3 industry essays. Each profile includes an overview snapshot, the country's or industry's organization and structure, its history and development, trends and long-term outlook, and a bibliography for further reading.

Print ISBN: 9780028678283
eBook ISBN: 9780028678290

Key features:

Each country overview includes 1-3 essays covering significant industries, including:

  • Tourism
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing
  • Energies (oil, gas, and petroleum products)
  • Mining
  • Information and communication technology
  • Banking, finance, and investment

New country overview essays added to this edition:

  • Greece
  • Iran
  • Latvia
  • Saudi Arabia

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