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Medical information is continuously changing as new treatments are discovered and rolled out, studies are conducted and their results published, and new protocols and therapies are tried and accepted as standards. Authoritative yet accessible articles from the Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders, 4th Edition are vital to informing public library patrons, students accessing Gale eBooks, caregivers, and patients learning about diagnoses, treatment options, and other aspects of their or their loved one's condition. In addition, this title serves allied health students pursuing careers in health fields.

The fourth edition includes several new entries that discuss aspects of COVID-19, including COVID-19 and stroke, neurological effects of COVID-19, and postinfectious COVID symptoms (long COVID). Also, this edition bolsters the coverage of diseases and conditions that affect children with entries, including acute toxic-metabolic encephalopathy in children, epilepsy syndromes in children, and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Print ISBN:           9781535875523

eBook ISBN:        9781535875516

Key features:

  • Advisory board consisting of subject matter experts
  • All entries have Up-to-date resource sections listing books, periodicals, and websites for more information
  • About 200 full-color photos, tables, charts, illustrations, and graphs
  • Key Terms sidebars in most entries define words and phrases that may be new to the reader
  • “Questions to Ask Your Doctor” sections in most entries

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