Empowering Teen Mental Fitness is Gale’s new and unique series of eBooks that cover self-care and wellness strategies for teens who are managing mental health challenges. It is designed to empower teens by offering strategies for optimizing wellness as a supplement to traditional medical care. Empowering Teen Mental Fitness is based on data from top searches in Cameron’s Collection and Google, as well as on survey feedback and input from subject matter experts working in the field.


Learn more about each of the titles in the series

Empowering Teen Mental Fitness: A Guide for Managing Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and Suicide (ISBN: 9781535878470)


Empowering Teen Mental Fitness: A Guide for Managing ADHD/ADD, Bullying, PTSD, and Social Media (ISBN: 9781535878487)


Empowering Teen Mental Fitness: A Guide for Managing Addiction, Eating Disorders, OCD, and Trauma (ISBN: 9781535878494


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  • Every eBook contains four chapters; each chapter covers the most important mental wellness challenges facing teens. Twelve total chapters across all 3 eBooks cover ADHD/ADD, Addiction, Anxiety, Bullying, Depression, Eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, Social Media, Stress, Suicide, Trauma.
  • A graphic novel look & feel, QR codes linking to national organizations and self-care demonstrations accompany the text, making the information more useful and interactive for students.
  • Each chapter contains a definition, description of the mental health challenge, the symptoms associated with teens, the type of treatments expected, and the self-care strategies that one can do at home to support one’s wellness. Included in each chapter is a list of relatable media, journaling prompts, and outreach opportunities, as well as a biographical sidebar and stand out quote both attributed to popular, notable individuals facing similar mental health challenges. All sections offer strategies to help users feel empowered and more aware that they are not alone in their wellness journey.
  • Every chapter has a list of organizations and important toll-free hotlines. Organizations offer more information and the toll-free hotlines are available for crisis management.
  • Every eBook contains an Organizations appendix and a General Index covering key terms mentioned within the text