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Refresh your collection and find the secret to helping students dig deeper into their lessons, homework assignments, and research projects. Because high school is the time for students to build on their critical-thinking skills and learn to connect historical themes for greater insight, it’s important to offer tools that give them the best foundation for success.  

That’s why the beloved For Students series contains content-rich discussions and activities for the classroom. These tools not only help educators enhance their teaching practices, they give students a built-in guide as they progress through each section. Sidebars include a list of primary sources and other content relevant to the author or work, as well as a list of related topics to aid with group projects, reports and presentations, debates, and more.

Core Volumes

Our core For Students volumes focus on the most-studied forms of literature: drama, novels, poetry, nonfiction, and short stories. Volumes include a wide variety of classic and contemporary authors. Look inside and read sample pages:





Special Edition Volumes

Our special edition volumes include a variety of works written by authors who share experiences, backgrounds, or cultures. Representation in literature studies is critical to ensure that all students are part of the conversation. Exposing learners to diverse viewpoints and new perspectives helps them develop empathy and practice compassion in the classroom and beyond. Look inside and read sample pages:

For most students, the hardest part of any project is getting started. A blank page can be intimidating for even the most well prepared. Help to lessen that angst with resources that offer a natural starting point. The For Students volumes provide much-needed context to give greater depth to the works being studied. Context surrounding literary movements, societal norms, author biographies, and themes increases student engagement, understanding, and enjoyment of the text.

Unique features like the Compare and Contrast sidebar, for example, includes an “at-a-glance” comparison of the cultural and historical differences between the author’s time and today. And for students who need a different entry point into classic literature, there are works from contemporary authors as well as popular plays, like the Broadway musical Hamilton.  

Key elements of For Students volumes:

  • Each work was chosen by an advisory panel of teachers and librarians—experts who have helped us define the information needs of students and ensure the age-appropriateness of the reference’s content.
  • Critical-thinking questions, primary sources, media adaptations, compare and contrast, and other features encourage a more thorough and complex examination and understanding of the work.
  • Entries include historical context, themes and style, criticism, sources for further reading, and more.
  • Designed to match real English projects and facilitate “compare and contrast,” inquiry-based activities.
  • Helps develop study and research skills, from providing classroom activity ideas to suggested search terms for online research.

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