Gale Interactive

Connect Your Library to the Lab

Dive deep into science concepts with Gale Interactive, a visual tool that helps instructors teach complex topics in biology, chemistry, human anatomy, and earth/space science. Interactive tools allow users to zoom, rotate, and explore 3D models to engage with science beyond static text.

Source: Gale Interactive: Chemistry

Learning Comes Alive

Gale Interactive provides tools that allow users to zoom, rotate and explore models. Clicking through each session reveals reference content which users can search across or use to discover additional supporting materials. Creating a fully engaging experience, Gale Interactive is perfect for in-classroom demonstrations or to help students individually gain a deeper understanding of science concepts.

Platform Features & Tools

An Interactive Experience

Delve deep into concepts with tools to zoom, rotate, and explore models.

Authoritative Content

View relevant reference content from Gale for further study and research.

On-The-Go Access

Use in and out of the classroom at any time through multiple web browsers.