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Gale eLearning solutions provide teachers, students, and adult learners with the opportunity to expand their skills and grow their knowledge of various topics. There is a solution designed to meet the needs of users at every age. Our online learning resources include 3D virtual learning; elementary, middle, and high school databases; career training; professional development opportunities; and interactive, industry-specific courses taught by world-class instructors.

Find educational resources, online learning tools, and valuable content for your community of learners. 

Online Learning Resources for Academic Libraries

When virtual learning is incorporated into the curriculum, it can make a long-lasting impact on college and university students' success. Instructors can use educational programs, like Gale Interactive, as a supplement to classroom instruction or as a cost-effective alternative for lab time. 

Online Learning Resources for Public Libraries

Offer an eLearning solution for everyone in your community. From pre-K prep to high school completion to career development to skills and hobbies, learning never stops. Our educational resources allow users to create a personal connection in a virtual world. Online learning tools make it easy for anyone to participate and take away valuable knowledge they can use wherever life takes them. 

Online Learning Resources for School Educators

As the path for K-12 education shifts from face-to-face, classroom learning to an online or blended model, teachers' approach to instruction has changed. It's more important than ever for school districts to provide educators with equitable and sustainable learning solutions that go beyond the classroom. Our digital resources pair curriculum-aligned content with online learning tools to keep students engaged in learning and on track for future success.