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Partner with Gale’s Academic Outreach and Engagement Team to get personalized support to enhance research, instruction, and learning on your campus. From integrating newly acquired resources to promoting long-held collections, our team makes it easier to improve awareness and usage of your databases, primary sources, and eBook content among both new and experienced users.


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How We Partner with Academic Libraries:

  • Train Your Team with Scheduled Workshops or Asynchronous Tutorials
    • Find a wealth of training materials to help librarians and end users get the most out of your digital resources, including asynchronous tutorials, webinars, case studies, and tip sheets available 24/7 on
    • For more in-depth support, schedule virtual or on-site workshops, Train the Trainer events, and front-of-class sessions. We can develop custom sessions based on academic disciplines and research interests supporting students, faculty, and library programming.
    • Attend live webinars for higher education professionals to stay on top of trends and ensure you’re making the most of your collections.
  • Access Bespoke Collections Support
    • Get on-demand collections support, including expert guidance to answer questions about collection content and your current holdings.
    • Get assistance with subject guide development on topics of interest.
    • Find reproducible LibGuides that are relevant to your institution’s needs and holdings.
    • Request help with course alignments and faculty research areas alignment.
    • Explore case studies and best practices from other institutions and instructors.
  • Improve Resource Awareness and Discovery
    • Get help with audits and the creation of import files to aid discovery through your A-to-Z list.
    • Customize your Gale resources to maximize their place in your discovery service.
    • Get guidance setting up resources in your learning management system (LMS).
    • Customize your collection preferences in Gale Admin.
  • Promote Collections across Your Campus
    • Access digital toolkits to promote awareness of your library’s resources, including imagery, social media posts, email templates, banners, and product icons.
    • Download printable bookmarks and posters.
    • Get suggestions to connect your resources to new audiences.

Meet Your Academic Outreach & Engagement Partners

  • Anne Nagrant, Training and Engagement Specialist

    Anne has over 10 years of experience at Gale and serves as an officer in our corporate Toastmasters club. Drawing on her cross-cultural experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer, an educator in historical museums, and a student at the University of Michigan, Anne understands that every library’s needs are unique. Outside of work, Anne directs a faith-based youth program, plays violin in a community orchestra, and enjoys gaining eclectic knowledge from the pages of Smithsonian Magazine.

  • Becky Sowers, Training and Engagement Specialist

    Becky started working at Gale during the inception of the Academic Outreach and Engagement Team and won the very first Trainer of the Year award. She has a bachelor’s degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University and a master’s degree in social work in business from the University of Southern California. She also worked as an academic advisor for business students at Virginia Commonwealth University. In her spare time, Becky stays active by playing in competitive soccer leagues, reading novels, and frequenting local markets and restaurants.

  • Kaila Dollard, Associate Training and Engagement Specialist

    Kaila’s background in education as a college teaching assistant and an elementary school teacher gives her unique insights into partnering with colleges and universities. Kaila graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education and is currently pursuing her master’s in history at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In her spare time, Kaila enjoys uncovering marginalized voices through historical research, trying out new recipes, and exploring new cultures through traveling.

  • Kayla Murphy, Associate Training and Engagement Specialist

    With three years of experience in higher education and a background as an English teacher, Kayla brings a strong passion for education to her role. She holds a degree in English education from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and has gained international teaching experience in the Philippines and Germany. Outside of work, Kayla seeks adventure through backpacking trips, dances with abandon at live bluegrass shows, and promotes equity in education.

  • Lakedria Fuller, Associate Training and Engagement Specialist

    Lakedria brings over seven years of diverse experience in higher education, spanning roles in student services, recruitment, and marketing. Lakedria holds a bachelor’s degree in business (marketing) from Auburn University and a master’s degree in liberal arts (history) from Auburn University at Montgomery. Outside of her professional endeavors, Lakedria enjoys spending time with her family, actively volunteering with local agencies, and demonstrating her passion for educational access through her role as the founder of an endowed scholarship.

  • Rachael Hinojosa, Training and Engagement Specialist

    With a bachelor’s degree in classical language and literature from the University of Michigan, Rachael brings a strong foundation in critical analysis and research. In addition to her five years of experience at Gale, Rachael is an active member of the PRIDE ERG at Cengage Group and plays a crucial role in fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment for LGBTQ+ employees. In her free time, Rachael enjoys immersing herself in nature and spending time outdoors.

  • Sara Tarpley, Academic Engagement Director

    A member of the Global Academic Leadership Team, Sara has been at Gale for over 20 years, partnering with customers in various roles, including training, product development, marketing, and sales. Sara holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and has a master’s degree in instructional design (training) and organizational development from Oakland University. In her spare time, Sara enjoys sweating it out at Orangetheory, taste-testing tacos, traveling, and speaking at conferences near and far.

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