Offer a Convenient, Attainable High School Completion Program

Nearly 30 million adults in the United States do not have a high school diploma.1 For many of them, the idea of earning a diploma seems impossible. They don't have enough time, financial resources, support, or a person who can guide them in the direction of where to start.

As a librarian and influencer of change, what can you do to put a high school diploma and a brighter future within their reach?

Begin by making Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School part of your librarys' program offerings. Available through public libraries, this program is 100 percent online, tuition-free for students, and meets the 21.5-credit requirement necessary to earn an accredited high school diploma.

Unlike other online high school completion programs, Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School has an academic focus that helps adults not only receive their diploma but prepare for what comes next—whether that's college, a promotion at work, or a new career. For English language learners, the program lowers barriers to education they may face in person or online. Translation tools make it easy for adults to translate course content into their native language and display both side by side. This helps foster English language acquisition while facilitating understanding by presenting content in both languages.

With this program, you can help adults in your community finally realize their educational and career goals—and gain the confidence to go after their dreams. How does it work? Patrons 18 years and older who are interested apply to the program through the library. Once participants are accepted and enroll, they will have 24/7 access to self-paced classes. If academic support is needed, they can schedule time for live, unlimited online tutoring. After completing the program, they earn an accredited high school diploma (not a GED).

The team at Excel Adult High School will be with them every step of the way. They offer career and college planning, which includes the opportunity to jump-start their college degree by taking up to seven college-level ACE (American Council on Education) courses for free. These credits can transfer to many accredited colleges and universities nationwide.

  • Program Features That Drive Success

    Why it works:

    • Online Platform—Our intuitive platform makes it easy for students to access courses anytime, anywhere. 
    • Self-paced Classes—Busy adults can spend time on coursework according to their schedules. Generally, 8–10 hours per week is recommended.
    • Curriculum—The core academic curriculum is aligned to national standards.
    • Advising—The success coaching/counseling team will assist with course selection and college planning or career guidance.
    • ELL Friendly—English language learners can read content side by side in both English and their native language as well as choose to have it read aloud. 
    • Unlimited Online Tutoring—Live, built-in student tutoring through the Train the Brain program.
    • Transfer Credits Accepted—Students can earn credit for courses completed at other accredited high schools, homeschools, or successfully passed portions of the GED®, HiSET®, or TASC.
  • Core Academic Curriculum for a Comprehensive Educational Experience

    The curriculum is composed of 21.5 credits (15.5 academic and 6 electives). Adult learners can transfer credit for courses completed at other accredited high schools, homeschools, colleges, or successfully passed portions of the GED®, HiSET®, or TASC. Program participants can select from more than 100 standard, elective, and college-level courses that are all available online. To stay current and respond to various learning needs, the school updates and launches new courses regularly. 


    • English (4 credits)
    • Math (3 credits)
    • Science (3 credits)
    • Social Studies (3.5 credits)
    • Health/PE (1 credit)
    • Art (1 credit)
    • Electives (6 credits)


    ENGLISH (4 Credits)

    • English 9
    • English 10
    • English 11 American Literature
    • English 12 British Literature
    • Public Speaking


    • Math Models and Applications
    • Consumer Math
    • Integrated Algebra (pre-algebra)
    • Algebra I
    • Geometry
    • Algebra II
    • Pre-Calculus


    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Environmental Science
    • Physics
    • Physical Science


    • U.S. History
    • World History
    • U.S. Government
    • Economics


    • Health and Fitness


    • Music Appreciation
    • Art History
    • History of Jazz Music
    • Digital Photography



    • Introduction to Business
    • Finance
    • Introduction to Accounting
    • Business Management
    • Marketing


    • Introduction to Computer Applications - STEM
    • Computer Engineering - STEM
    • Biotechnology
    • Introduction to Tech Science - STEM
    • Electrical Engineering - STEM
    • Mechanical Engineering - STEM
    • Chemical Engineering - STEM
    • Introduction to Coding


    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Music Appreciation
    • History of Jazz Music
    • Digital Photography
    • Life Skills
    • Sports Science
    • Astronomy
    • Sports Medicine
    • Forensic Science
    • SAT Prep Verbal & Math


    • Spanish I
    • Spanish II
    • French I
    • French II


    • ACE English Composition I
    • ACE American Literature I
    • ACE College Algebra
    • ACE Sociology
    • ACE U.S. History
    • ACE American Government
    • ACE Biology
  • Partner with a Trusted Team That Has a Long History of Successful Programming

    Excel Adult High School is accredited by Cognia, the parent organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), and the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). View their accreditation profile.

    Cognia is a nationally recognized accrediting agency dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide. The agency provides accreditation, research, and professional services to 34,000 schools and school systems—employing more than 4 million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students—across the United States and 70 other nations.

    Excel Adult High School is affiliated with the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. See MSA-CESS for more details.

    Why is accreditation important?

    Accreditation is designed to help educational institutions raise their ongoing performance efforts for the benefit of students:

    • Credit Recovery—Transfer high school credits easily from one accredited school to another.
    • Official Diploma—Earn a diploma from an institution that is nationally recognized as part of a quality school system.
    • Access to Education—Gain greater access to federal loans, scholarships, postsecondary education, and some military programs that require that applicants attended an accredited institution.
    • Commitment to Excellence—Receive the benefit of the institution or educational systems commitment to raising student performance and accountability. 

  • The Student Experience: What to Expect

    This experience is designed to create an environment of academic, career, and technical support that will increase engagement and show the benefits of your library’s investment.

    Successful Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School candidates will:

    • Learn about the program through your library’s student recruitment efforts, including your customized website.
    • Meet the initial requirements for the program, such as age and residency within your library's service area. 
    • Deicide if online learning is right for them. Can they spend 8-10 hours per week on coursework? Do they have access to a computer and internet service?  Will they utilize the built-in tools and services available when they need support?
    • Enroll in and successfully complete the two-week prerequisite Life Skills course.
    • Request a scholarship for enrollment into the full 21.5-credit program.
    • Receive a scholarship award from your library based on your customized student-qualifying process.
    • Complete coursework.
    • Graduate with an accredited high school diploma.
  • Gale Offers Training, Recruitment, and Marketing Support

    Training and Program Implementation

    Our adult education specialist will partner with your library as you engage and enroll participants in the prerequisite courses and award scholarships into the full program. Gale provides:

    • Program implementation assistance and training for all designated library staff.
    • Dedicated account management throughout the partnership.
    • Access to a Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School library community, where you can share best practices and gain support from other libraries offering the program.
    • Ongoing reports to help you monitor success.


    Recruitment and Marketing Support

    Gale offers a comprehensive marketing and student recruitment package to help your library achieve success with Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School. Our adult education specialist and marketing staff will work closely with your library to customize a variety of student recruitment tools, which may include some of the items below or additional resources, as needed:

    • Customized student recruitment website
    • Print promotions
    • Community outreach
    • Public relations
    • Market research
    • Facebook group and best practices guide
    • Student and graduate success stories   
    • Digital marketing collateral

1. U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates, 2019.