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With access to more than 18 million digitized facsimile pages spanning more than 400 years, Gale NewsVault offers an unparalleled window to the past around the world.

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Historical newspapers providing a unique view into more than 400 years of history

Gale NewsVault supports in-depth scholarly research as a fully cross-searchable and cross-browseable portfolio of global historical newspapers and periodicals, providing access to more than 2,000 titles — from a single interface.


17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

The largest single collection of English news media from these two centuries, 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers provides rare and often unique content for scholarly research into a wide range of political, educational, economic, or journalistic study.

19th Century UK Periodicals, Part I: New Readerships: Women's, Children's, Humor and Leisure/Sport

This collection provides insight into the evolving life of British culture, where reading for leisure, women's rights, children's entertainment, and sports grew as publishing expanded. This resource provides students, researchers, and enthusiasts with unprecedented online access to what people were reading, how they were living, and what was influencing their lives during the Victorian era.

19th Century UK Periodicals, Part II: Empire: Travel and Anthropology, Economics, Missionary and Colonial
19th Century U.S. Newspapers
British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900
British Library Newspapers, Part II: 1800-1900

British Library Newspapers, Part III: 1741-1950

Part III adds even more regional and local depth to the British Library Newspaper series, encompassing powerful provincial news journals, local interest publications, and specialist titles.

British Library Newspapers, Part IV: 1732-1950

Part of the most comprehensive range of regional and local newspapers published in Britain between the mid-eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries ever made available in a digital collection, British Library Newspapers, Part IV: 1732-1950 provides 23 publications (nearly 1.4 million pages) from across the United Kingdom and Ireland to reflect the social, political, and cultural events of the times.

British Library Newspapers, Part V: 1746-1950

Part V: 1746-1950 adds even more regional and local depth to the British Library Newspaper series, featuring regional and local viewpoints especially from the northern part of the United Kingdom.

Daily Mail Historical Archive, 1896-2004
Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2010
Illustrated London News Historical Archive, 1842-2003
Liberty Magazine Historical Archive, 1924-1950

Picture Post Historical Archive, 1938-1957

The Picture Post Historical Archive, 1938-1957 consists of the complete, fully searchable facsimile archive of the Picture Post, the iconic newspaper published in Britain from 1938 to 1957 that defined the style of photojournalism in the twentieth century. Picture Post Historical Archive provides students and researchers with online access to a unique visual record of the 1930s to 1950s, from the humorous and lighthearted snapshots of daily life to the serious and history-defining moments of domestic and international affairs.

Punch Historical Archive, 1841-1992

The fully text-searchable online archive of PunchPunch Historical Archive, 1841–1992 ─ is available for scholars, students, and the general researcher to explore. The archive is an unrivaled resource for researching and teaching nineteenth- and twentieth-century political and social history on key themes such as World War I and World War II; colonialism, imperialism and End of Empire; impact of new technology and modernity; public health, conservation and environmentalism; social change; and the role of women.

Sunday Times Digital Archive, 1822-2006
The Economist Historical Archive
The Independent Digital Archive, 1986-2012
The Listener Historical Archive, 1929-1991

The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000

The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000 is the fully-searchable digital archive of what was once the world’s largest-selling newspaper. Researchers and students can full-text search across 1 million pages of the newspaper’s backfile from its first issue to the end of 2000, including issues of the Sunday Telegraph from 1961.

The Times Digital Archive, 1785-2010

The Times Digital Archive is an online, full-text facsimile of more than 200 years of the Times, one of the most highly regarded resources for eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century news coverage, with every page of every issue from 1785 to 2010.

The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive, 1902-2011

Since 1902, the Times Literary Supplement has forged a reputation for fine writing, literary discoveries, and insightful debate. The TLS has attracted the contributions of the world’s most influential writers and critics, from T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf in the 1920s and 1930s to A.N. Wilson and Christopher Hitchens in the 1990s and 2000s. The complete run of the TLS from 1902 to 2011 is now available online as The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive.

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Term Clusters

By grouping commonly occurring themes, this tool reveals hidden connections to search terms — helping scholars shape their research and integrate diverse content with relevant information.


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