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Access the rich content of Air & Space Magazine and Smithsonian Magazine in a single, digital archive

Air & Space and Smithsonian Magazine Archive engages students and researchers with Smithsonian Magazine’s photographs and articles on Americana and the American experience. An excellent resource to support scholarship in art history, American literature, American studies, and American history undergraduate programs, this resource can easily be integrated into the classroom and the syllabus as the perfect way to introduce students to reading and working with reputable primary sources. Its depth of coverage takes users from the antebellum lives of rural Americans to the contemporary affairs of the U.S. government.

By bringing together the full history of both of these premier magazines, decades of in-depth and expert coverage of high-demand topics and unique insights into aviation, space, innovation, history, science, technology, the arts, and culture are accessible in an integrated, intuitive display. This cross-curricular archive will engage users whether pursuing general topical information or developing deeper knowledge in a given subject area.

Not just limited to the American experience, Smithsonian Magazine explores both global modern and historical perspectives covering history, science, nature, the arts, travel, world culture and technology. Vibrant photos and articles take a dynamic approach in exploring modern and historic perspectives about our changing world.

Feature articles in history, art, science, and culture include:

  • Titanoboa - the largest snake ever to live on Earth
  • Exploring how the mind makes memories
  • The assassination attempt on Teddy Roosevelt
  • Insights into Black Holes
  • The fate of the world’s remaining cheetahs
  • Letters from the Hindenburg

Air & Space Magazine provides an excellent opportunity for students and researchers in aeronautical and aerospace engineering, military science, military history, and the history of science and technology a single location to quickly search and browse the content critical to their research. With articles, photographs, and technical specifications, Air & Space Magazine is a great tool to leverage in the classroom and on course syllabi that include subjects such as the history and beginning of flight, World Wars I and II, Cold War Era, and twentieth- and twenty-first-century aviation, military and experimental aircraft, and space discovery and exploration.

Articles cover such diverse topics as:

  • Life inside the International Space Station
  • Strange things restorers find in old aircraft
  • Biofuels in aviation
  • The next generation of stealth aircraft
  • Navigating in space
  • The mystery of the MiG

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  • English Language and Literature Studies
  • European Studies
  • Gender and Women's Studies
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Humanities/Humanistic Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • U.S. History
  • American/United States Studies/Civilization

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