Sources in U.S. History Online (SUSHO): Slavery in America

Walker, Jonathan. Trial and imprisonment of Jonathan Walker at Pensacola, Florida, for aiding slaves to escape from bondage : with an appendix, containing a sketch ... Boston, 1850. 124pp. Sources in U.S. History Online: Slavery in America.
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This digital archive provides reference to study and research of one of the most significant accounts in U.S. history

No study of the United States is complete without detailed research on the issue of slavery and its impact on American society and culture. Sources in U.S. History Online: Slavery in America documents key aspects of the history of slavery in the United States, from its origins in Africa to its abolition, including materials on the slave trade, plantation life, emancipation, pro-slavery and anti-slavery arguments, religious views on slavery, and other related topics.

This digital archive provides access to a wide variety of documents — personal narratives, political speeches, sermons, plays, songs, poetic and fictional works, and more — published from the time of the transatlantic slave trade to the post-Civil War period. Users will find information surrounding important individuals, influential perspectives, controversial topics, key cases, and significant events, including Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad, the Fifteenth Amendment, and the New York African Free School.

Primary sources are the most relevant materials for information about the influential events in U.S. history because they are written by those who witnessed it. Sources in U.S. History Online: Slavery in America provides researchers with unprecedented access to the essential documents that tell the story of slavery and the fight for abolition — a complex topic that is critical to any study of U.S. history. Vernon Burton, Coastal Carolina University, and Troy Smith, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reviewed a list of thousands of titles from several Gale collections — including Sabin Americana, 1500-1926Travels in the Old South, the Anti-Slavery Collection from Oberlin College, and The Making of Modern Law — to select the most meaningful and relevant documents for this comprehensive survey of slavery in America.

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