Lack of time, support, and opportunities for collaboration contribute to burnout and attrition. So imagine if you could give every teacher in your district a resource that fits their individual and shared needs. Teachers would not only feel supported, but they’d also have more time to focus on what matters—keeping students engaged and motivated. Gale In Context: For Educators meets the need for high-quality instructional materials in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.

With Gale In Context: For Educators, you can set students and teachers up for success by creating a collaborative and inclusive teaching and learning environment. For Educators removes many day-to-day challenges with organizational tools that lead to more opportunities for collaboration and streamlined communication between teachers, librarians, and curriculum leaders. Designed to work in tandem with educators' existing workflows, For Educators offers a simpler way to get current, relevant digital content into the hands of teachers and students. Instead of adding "one more tool,” you can provide a powerful resource that supports teachers in their daily needs—from meeting k12 curriculum standards and helping with lesson planning to sharing supplemental curriculum materials from trusted sources. For Educators allows you to support differentiated learning and critical thinking while helping educators build their support systems and learn from the successes of their colleagues.

Standards-aligned content. With a subscription to Gale In Context resources, students and teachers have access to primary sources, experiments, case studies, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, books, images, podcasts, and videos that support K12 curriculum standards.

Curriculum Leader Benefits at a Glance

  • Create instructional units on topics that are foundational and relevant.
  • Easily connect curriculum materials and classroom instruction.
  • Lead with the knowledge that collaborative teachers bring their best to the classroom.
  • Provide core and supplemental curriculum resources.
  • Ensure that teachers are implementing foundational skills.
  • Address top education concerns, such as ensuring that digital learning resources are high quality and accessible. 
  • Equip teams to share customizable lessons and assignments.

Your Product Overview

Find curriculum-aligned materials that span grade levels and core subject areas, such as English language arts, environmental studies, U.S. history, social studies, world history, and more. Building on the foundation of Gale In Context student resources and your schools’ student-facing Gale eBooksGale In Context: For Educators empowers teachers to save time, collaborate, and offer equitable and personalized learning opportunities.

Cross-curricular digital resources fit into teachers' existing workflows and help them quickly and easily locate engaging content. Gale In Context: For Educators merges quality, standards-aligned material with ready-to-use lesson plans across a variety of disciplines, and offers instructional tools to help teachers achieve their professional goals. With in-product resources in our Learning Center, educators can take the lead in developing online teaching skills and instruction strategies. And coming soon, organization features like nesting folders and admin profiles will allow you to create and share curated course folders with teachers in your groups. 

Gale In Context: For Educators offers a custom platform and necessary tools for educators to curate, customize, and teach with Gale digital content to accelerate student achievement and foster engagement.

  • Discovery: Search for resources or browse by K12 curriculum standards, grade, course subject, or topic. Results can be filtered and sorted by multiple criteria to target the right resource for the need.
  • Curation and Customization: Access resources by Lexile, find leveled content on high-demand topics, and use a specialized tool set to curate and customize lesson plans and activities.
  • Workflow Integration: Use a web-based app that is accessible on any computer or tablet, integrated with Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365, as well as learning management systems like Canvas and Schoology. Enjoy in-platform collaboration with colleagues and seamless sharing directly into a student’s workflow. 

Our easy-to-use search tools and advanced page filtering make it simpler than ever to find the resources you need and provide an accessible curriculum. The best part? All our content has been vetted by subject experts and former educators to ensure its accuracy and quality. 

How Curriculum Leaders Can Support Teachers

Our cross-curricular digital resources support differentiated instruction, professional learning, and collaboration within the district. Increased collaboration breaks down silos and builds relationships, which can help minimize teacher burnout. New teachers sometimes lack the range of experience, instructional materials, or archives of resources to approach teaching with confidence. Gale In Context: For Educators can be a way for you to house lesson plans and accessible curriculum tools for both new and more experienced educators. The opportunity to partner with learning experts and access supplemental materials gives teachers the extra level of confidence they need to be successful. 

Classrooms today require more interactive instruction and culturally responsive teaching activities. With Gale In Context: For Educators, you can help teachers discover and customize digital learning content and foster an equitable and culturally responsive classroom by providing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and social and emotional learning (SEL) materials. 

Recognizing the importance of instruction, the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act provides federal funding to primary and secondary education, with funds specifically authorized for professional development, instructional materials, and educational program support.