Support Classroom Teachers

Support for teachers begins at the library. From elementary through high school, educators work together to give students the best education possible. But some schools may overlook the invaluable opportunity to ask their librarians how K-12 library resources can support their courses. Differentiated instruction? Libraries invented it. Support for diverse students? Reading help? The school library should be the first place to search for resources.

Teachers are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to find trustworthy, high-quality content that not only fits into their curriculum but also supports the various needs of their students. Lack of time, support, and opportunities for collaboration lead to burnout and attrition. As librarians and media specialists, you understand the value of building your K-12 library resources and sharing how educators can use them effectively in the classroom. 


Expand the Library’s Role

With Gale In Context: For Educators, you can set students and teachers up for success and establish the library's role as a curriculum solution as well as a destination for research. For Educators can help you remove as many day-to-day challenges as possible by replacing confusion and stress with collaboration and a more streamlined workflow. For Educators builds on the foundation of the trusted Gale In Context student databases as well as your school's student-facing Gale eBooks to give educators the tools to find and personalize digital learning content in core subjects. Librarians and educators can easily find and curate their own school library lesson plans within the For Educators platform. Plus, our cross-curricular digital resources support differentiated instruction, information literacy, professional learning, and collaboration within your district.


Access Standards-Aligned Content

With a subscription to Gale In Context resources, students and teachers have access to primary sources, experiments, case studies, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, books, images, podcasts, and videos. A subscription to For Educators also provides access to school library lesson plans, including kindergarten library lesson plans and elementary school library lesson plans.



School Librarian Benefits at a Glance

  • Ensure access to the entire suite of Gale In Context K-12 databases that you know and love. 
  • Capture student interest and help create engaging classrooms.
  • Provide reading and writing resources for all curriculum areas.
  • Keep students on track with differentiated tools.
  • Save colleagues and students time searching for digital access to rich historical and topical content. 
  • Show your value in helping colleagues create meaningful and engaging content for the classroom.
  • Help kids who struggle with reading and literacy development.
  • Engage students with school library lesson plans, including kindergarten library lesson plans and elementary school library lesson plans.
  • Be able to prioritize equity of access for all learners. 
  • Find and share diversity, equity, and inclusion resources that are embedded into Gale In Context products. 
  • Support college, career, and life skills readiness. 

Support a Variety of Subjects

Cross-curricular digital resources fit into your existing workflow and help you quickly locate engaging content. Our easy-to-use search tools and advanced page filtering make it simpler than ever to find the resources you need. The best part? All our content has been vetted by subject experts and former educators to ensure its accuracy and quality. 

Tips for Librarians