Empowering New York Educators to Meet Every Student's Needs

Gale has been partnering with New York schools, empowering educators and engaging students for over 60 years. Our standards-aligned content, accessibility tools, and tailored features support every student’s needs.

Support Exceptional Educators

Gale In Context: For Educators is a curriculum and instructional tool that merges current, relevant, standards-aligned content with rich lesson plans. Personalization features further help support teachers in engagement and differentiation in everyday learning. High-quality supplemental resources and rigorous instructional plans enrich curricula, while empowering teachers to provide a culturally responsive classroom that incorporates skill development into academic lessons. This helps ensure schools can effectively deliver on their mission to prepare students for college, careers, and life.

Enhance Student Outcomes through Impactful Professional Learning

Professional learning is crucial to enable educators to stay updated with the latest research, teaching strategies, and technology, ultimately enhancing their instructional practices and positively impacting student outcomes.

Maximize the Value of Your Gale Partnership

We are thrilled to collaborate with New York schools and are committed to helping you fully leverage your Gale content. Take advantage of our comprehensive suite of tools designed to manage and promote your Gale resources effectively. Benefit from direct URLs and MARC records that simplify access, utilize Gale Pages to enhance resource discovery, and use our promotional materials to effortlessly reach new learners. Together, let's ensure that your Gale partnership delivers exceptional value to your school community.

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