For more than six decades, Gale has been partnering with New York schools to make a positive impact on teaching and learning. We develop standard aligned content that empowers educators to solve curriculum challenges and keep students engaged in learning. Gale’s solutions provide background knowledge and context with accessibility tools and features that allows content to be tailored to specific users. Our goal is to support educators in meeting the needs of all students.

Digital Content That Gets Results

Support success in every classroom. With Gale In Context: For Educators, you get comprehensive student and teacher resources in one online curriculum and instructional tool.

Help educators save time and supplement their daily curriculum with trusted digital content and teaching tools all in one place. Gale In Context: For Educators provides comprehensive, regularly updated content to streamline lesson planning, drive student outcomes, and support personalized learning.

A Shared Environment for Streamlined Teaching

Simplify online learning with direct access to student-facing content and a universal design across K-12 content.

Customizable Content

Tap into high-quality material across topics and lesson types that fit students’ needs and learning goals.

Extensive Lesson Plans and Assessments

Mark progress toward better student outcomes using resources for every topic, and formative and summative assessments.

Differentiated Learning Resources

Meet students where they are with age-appropriate and leveled content that brings concepts and learning objectives to life.

Integration with Your LMS

Integrate with your current learning management system (Google, Microsoft, Canvas, and Schoology) to reduce prep time.

Student-Focused Collaboration

Educators can work together to develop online teaching skills and dynamic, adaptable instruction strategies.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Get more-comprehensive digital content for educators and students, compared to other online learning resources.

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A Trusted Resource for Learning Communities

Gale, part of Cengage Group, has collaborated with academic institutions, schools, and public libraries for over 65 years to provide diverse learners with essential digital resources. From primary source archives to adult learning programming and curriculum-aligned K-12 content, we deliver high-quality materials through engaging, user-friendly technology.

Dive Deeper into Your Curriculum

Expect more from your online instructional content with Gale In Context: For Educators. Access digital resources that follow best practices and are continuously reviewed for accuracy and timeliness.

  • Aligned with State and National Curriculum Standards
  • Age-Appropriate Original and Curated Materials
  • Leveled Content Across Ability and Age Range
  • Frequent Updates for Current and Relevant Materials

Maintain an Inquiry-Based Approach

To support student success at every level, help educators incorporate varied, vetted lessons that build skills and engagement. Choose from Gale In Context: For Educators instructional strategies, including:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Literacy
  • Creative Thinking
  • Social and Emotional Learning


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Promote Teacher and Student Success

Build teacher confidence and support growth and mentorship with easy, collaborative tools in Gale In Context: For Educators.


Customize Lesson Plans

Choose from specific subjects, topics, and goals like literacy and project-based learning.

Measure Individual Progress

Monitor development with 2- to 5-question formative assessments included in every lesson plan.

Facilitate Teamwork

Share lessons and relevant resources with colleagues directly within the Gale In Context: For Educators tool.

Build an Engaging, Inclusive Classroom

Give students a culturally responsive, accessible learning environment and promote student achievement with Gale In Context: For Educators diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) materials and social and emotional learning (SEL) content.

  • Diverse, Global Content
  • Emotional Health and Resilience Resources
  • Extensive Image Library
  • Up-to-Date, Accurate Terminology
  • Filters to Identify DEI and SEL Resources and Lesson Plans
  • Differentiated, Age-Appropriate Content
  • Vetted by Subject Matter Experts
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Set Teachers Up for Success

Equip educators with one streamlined resource to empower all students and encourage achievement at every level. Schedule a demo for your guided tour of Gale In Context: For Educators to:

  • Explore the vast content, lesson plans, and assessments.
  • See how For Educators helps teachers save time with built-in customization and collaborative features.
  • Review standards-aligned content that drives achievement to meet national, state, and regional benchmarks.
  • Discover how the tool supports an engaged, inclusive classroom through a flexible digital learning environment.

Online Professional Development in Education

Professional learning is crucial to enable educators to stay updated with the latest research, teaching strategies, and technology, ultimately enhancing their instructional practices and positively impacting student outcomes.


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