Award-winning reference eBooks built into users’ workflow

Enhance the research experience within Women’s Studies Archive by adding Gale eBooks to your collection. We’ve crafted a list of companion titles that will provide an additional path of reference material within the archive, expanding research.

The related resource feature positions relevant reference information within the user’s workflow, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of the material. In turn, it helps extend the use of primary sources to undergraduates, as the eBook entries aim to contextualize subjects and topics outlined in the primary source documents.


View Companion eBooks 


How it Works:

The related resource section uses a custom algorithm to determine which articles to display from a library’s eBook holdings by comparing the full text, subject terms, and title of the article in view to the institution’s eBooks. ​

When a researcher selects an article in the “Related Resources” section of the “Explore” panel within the document view, they are taken directly to the relevant article page in Gale eBooks in a new browser tab​.

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