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Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an online preschool learning program that’s as challenging as it is fun. It offers a comprehensive, standards-based academic and social and emotional learning curriculum. Plus, it includes plenty of offline lessons and activities to reinforce and expand on learning concepts while limiting screen time.

Your library can support parents as they adjust to new learning environments and look to replicate in-library programming and preschool or daycare experiences. With this program, users have access to a safe and secure learning environment for children—free of pop-ups, ads, or links. Young learners can explore hundreds of guided lessons and activities accessible via laptops, smartphones, iPads, and tablets. Just as important, you get the tools you need to measure impact on early literacy development in your community. As a public library, that’s invaluable information.

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    The classroom’s garden-like pathway gives children a visual queue of a starting point, interval achievements, and a finish line as they advance from beginning skill level to school readiness. Parents can choose from three learning plans, based on their child’s needs:

    • Guided Learning – A step-by-step approach to learning that progresses sequentially. 
    • My Learning – The parent selects specific subjects and skills they want their child to focus on. Each skill correlates to an age group. 
    • Choose a Lesson – Thematic-based lessons connect core disciplines by common themes.

    Miss Humblebee’s Academy includes hundreds of guided lessons with sound cues across language and literacy, art, music, math, science, and social studies. They’re based on standards from the U.S. Department of Education, Head Start Early Child Development, Common Core State Standards, research of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Early Learning Framework. Take a look at the online and offline kindergarten resources available with this award-winning program. 

    Offline STEAM curriculum – Hundreds of hands-on activities reinforce current lessons focused on development milestones and kindergarten readiness, while supporting the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended limits on screen time.

    Social and Emotional Learning  (SEL) – A collection of nearly 100 online classroom lessons and offline extension activities help children learn how to regulate their emotions, develop self-confidence, and more. Includes digital animations, real-life video modeling, songs, and eBooks. 

    Teacher-led video tutorials – Short video lessons delivered by teachers address key kindergarten-readiness skills and concepts in all subject areas, including SEL. 

    Interactive eBooks – Offering a read-aloud option, titles are located within the lesson stream and in the searchable library. All eBooks include prediction and comprehension questions. The end of each eBook has an offline printable template to retell the story with words or pictures.

    World Changers – A nonfiction series of eBooks features inspiring individuals of all ages from around the globe. Profiled for their positive impact on the world, names include civil rights pioneer Ruby Bridges, inventor and author William Kamkwamba, and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai, among others.  

    Bee Fit – Short on-demand videos and printables to encourage kids to get moving as part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Practice with Printables – A printables section offers hundreds of practice worksheets and flash cards that parents can print to supplement and reinforce online learning.

    Spanish Content – Offering a multi-language learning experience with printables, eBooks, and teacher-led videos with Spanish subtitles.


    Miss Humblebee’s Academy provides a supportive and comprehensive learning environment for early childhood education. As the child moves through each lesson, progress is appropriately reinforced, e.g., correct answers are congratulated, while children are given a second chance on incorrect answers. Because Miss Humblebee’s Academy is standards based, every lesson targets one or more specific learning objectives. Also, lessons progress in order of difficulty, so the foundation of knowledge grows with the child’s progression through the program.


    Children begin with a 15-question cognitive skills assessment. From there, they create their own avatar and begin their learning adventure. Having the child take a cognitive skills assessment is recommended to establish a baseline of kindergarten readiness, measure improvement compared to subsequent cognitive skills assessments (e.g., every three weeks and after 50 lessons), and benchmark kindergarten readiness compared to industry standards.


    To ensure school readiness, Miss Humblebee’s Academy sends parents a weekly email notification to view progress and performance reports, which are available online at all times. Parents can go to one place to track classroom success and activity. The reports are designed to:

    • Help identify a child’s strengths
    • Pinpoint trouble spots
    • View improvement over time
    • Measure progress based on length of practice time
    • Promote family engagement


    Unlike other early learning programs, Miss Humblebee’s Academy provides the tools a public library needs to measure their impact on early literacy development in their community.


    When parents can contribute to their child’s learning and realize successes along the way, they become just as excited as the kids. Look at the ways Miss Humblebee’s Academy makes parents an integral part of the process:

    Interactive Kindergarten Readiness Checklist and Age-Related Development Milestones – These kindergarten resources allow parents to review and record cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth as a condition of kindergarten readiness. Parents can enter information into an online spreadsheet and store and track progress in their student dashboard. 

    Quality Printable Resources for Parents – To help parents better plan and track their children’s learning, core planners and schedules are available. These items can be found on the dashboard and include Chore Charts, Learning Schedule, Reading Charts, Reading Lists, Reward System, Curriculum List, Field Trip Planner, Grade Tracker, Monthly Planner, Password Log, and Reward Charts.

Platform Features & Tools

Learning on the Go

Offer a mobile-friendly, 24/7 classroom environment for learning anytime and anywhere

Differentiated Learning Support

Children learn through interactive, guided lessons that use both sound and visual cues to support diverse learning styles.

A Secure Classroom

This safe, supportive classroom environment works within a self-contained program that protects children from ads and links to other sites

Reviews & Testimonials

“Miss Humblebee’s Academy is simple, clean and presents the ideas clearly. It actually evaluates if the child comprehends the new concepts and sends parents progress reports, which helps them to know what their child is doing and how well they understand new skills. If you are a parent of a preschool age child, I recommend checking out Miss Humblebee’s Academy.”
EdTech Review

"The site does offer an impressive array of very user-friendly due to intuitive navigation and overall accessibility.....As an online learning resource, Miss Humblebee’s Academy can traverse between the school library, classroom, and home."

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