Why Intern at Gale?

Knowledge is power, and the act of learning is empowering. Access to knowledge through our internship program provides students with the opportunity to discover skills vital to positive and professional growth.

When you intern at Gale, you will be immersed in our business and culture – a high-energy, collaborative environment with an equal balance of fun and career development.

We’re currently looking for interns to join the below team(s):

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • User Experience


Gale's Culture

Since founded in 1954, Gale has upheld a laid-back, easy-going culture. With close to 500 employees in the Farmington Hills office, interns have the opportunity to build a strong network of supportive colleagues while gaining corporate work experience. We take pride in allowing your personality and individualism shine in our collaborative and agile learning environments.

“The company just wants to have fun. They obviously take their work very seriously, but they also want to make it a fun environment for people. That people are excited to come to work and take pride in their work.” – Taylor Green, 2017 Summer Intern

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Giving Back

Gale believes in strengthening the community through the power of learning. Each summer, interns across departments work together to complete a community outreach project – managing the event from start to finish with the support of the Gale Leadership Team. Take a look at the 2017 outreach event "Gears From Gale:"

Take a look at the 2017 outreach event "Gears From Gale:"

Find Us On Your Campus

Gale will be proudly represented at the following career fairs:



22 – UMSI Winter Career Fair



7 - Oakland University Internship Mixer

21 - MSU Summer job and Internship Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the internship compensate?

Yes, at Gale we believe you are more than an intern, so we pay you like an employee.

Does Gale have a dress code policy?

No. We know employees want to express individuality, and we support that.

Do you hire interns on as full-time employees after their internship?

Absolutely. This opportunity is meant to benefit both the intern and the company, we hire interns with the expectation to hire them as full-time employees after the program.

What projects do interns work on?

Interns will be working as though they are full-time employees. Projects will depend on the position they take, but each intern will be given their own project to see from start to finish. They will also work with other interns on the annual Summer Intern Project, which changes yearly. 

Are there any perks to working for Gale?

As if working for a relaxed company with huge opportunity to be hired on full-time, Gale also takes pride in showing interns (and employees) a good time. Every year, the interns go to a Detroit Tigers game!

Hear From Our Past Interns

What did you work on at Gale?

What did you gain from the experience?

How did the internship at Gale defy your expectations? 

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