We are often asked how our digital archives are created, and how we create searchable versions of the original documents, especially when there is a large collection of physical material or the documents are rare and in frail condition.


In the first essay in our Behind the Scenes section, Seth Cayley (Gale's VP of Archives Publishing) looks at the process of creating the Daily Mail Historical Archive, one of the largest archives in the Gale Historical Newspapers collection, which also contains rare editions of the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition.


Future installments of this section will look at other archives that involve different aspects of digitisation and preservation, so make sure to come back regularly to see further essays and videos!


Go behind the scenes and discover how Gale develops its Gale Primary Sources working with one of its source institution partners The National Archives, UK. This is a fascinating look into how Gale and The National Archives work together to digitise collections and make them accessible to students and researchers across the world.