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Common Questions


What is my Location ID and where can I find it?

A Gale Location ID can be associated to a User Name and is how Gale identifies your account. It can be found in your Gale URLs, visiting our Location Finder or by contacting Technical Support.




Where do I find my Gale Admin log in information?

If you do not know the current admin log in please contact Technical Support to confirm the User Name and Password.


Where can I download MARC records for my ebooks and databases?


You can visit our Marc Record site to download MARC records for your resources and ebooks. Sign in with your Location ID at the top right to access your current list of MARC records for everything from Products, eBooks, Archives Unbound and eDirectories.


Some databases show a ‘Reading Difficulty’. What do the different reading difficulties mean?


There are three reading difficulties:

  • Basic: Green circle. A good overview for any researcher beginning a new project.
  • Intermediate: Yellow square. Builds on research or information provided at the basic level. Intermediate is designed for more experienced researchers and the topics offer more detail.
  • Advanced: Red triangle. Provides research at a scholarly or professional level.


My URLs/links have stopped working! Why?


This may be due to outdated or incorrect links. You can visit Gale Products URL and log in with your Location ID at the top right to get an updated/current list of access URLs.


I am getting an error message 'You are not authorized for this product'. Why?


This message is very specific and means the subscription to your database has expired. Please contact Technical Support for assistance. Most often, we can extend access until your Sales Team has been notified.


I would like to add a Password or IP address/range to my account for authentication. Where can I do this?

Customers will need to log in to their Gale Admin to make these changes. Once logged in to the Gale Admin you can make the updates under the Location Authentication tab. You can also contact Technical Support to make the changes. Please include the Password or IP address/range as well as your account details when making the request.


How do I add my proxy to Gale URLs?

  • The Gale Support Site adds proxy to your product URLs

Under your Authentication options


  • The Gale Admin- adds proxy to your bookmark and citations within the database

Under General Prefences


I was recently advised Gale offers Single Sign On (SSO) options. How do I enable this?

Customers can manage their Authentication by logging in to the Gale Admin. Once logged in, you can access the Location Authentication tab and select Third Party. You can also contact Technical Support to assist in setting this up. Details on Gale SSO options can be viewed here.


How do I generate HTTPS links for my databases?


You will need to change your Support Site settings to generate HTTPS links. Log in to with your Gale Admin credentials and click on Authentication to make this change.