Original Webinar: 10-11 am (GMT), Tuesday 24th March. 

Hosted by: Chris Houghton, Head of Digital Scholarship at Gale

This webinar covers quick tips on common Gale tools and support materials that you can use to help smooth the transition.

What you will find:

  • Identifying what resources your institution owns
  • Supporting, training and marketing your resources
  • Effective search strategies
  • Limiters, filters and quickly narrowing a large search
  • Using Gale tools to make discoveries and explore collections


Original Webinar: Thursday 2nd April. 

Hosted by: Pauli Kettunen, Gale Student Ambassador at the University of Helsinki


A great webinar designed and run by one of our student ambassadors! 

The webinar covers finding the Gale Primary Sources platform in your university catalogue, and using the tools on the platform.

What you will find:

  • Locating the Gale Primary Sources platform (what Pauli demonstrates with the University of Helsinki library catalogue is the same elsewhere) [00:43]
  • How to switch between archives - as well as the benefit of cross-searching many archives! [3:45] [6:12]
  • Filtering results [7:30]
  • The ability to display the document OCR alongside the facsimile image [10:06]
  • Citation tools [11:27]
  • The Topic Finder Tool [16:13]

You may like to use the video settings to increase the speed.


Teaching with Primary Sources

Original Webinar: 10-11 am (BST), Thursday 9th April.

Hosted by: Chris Houghton, Head of Digital Scholarship, Gale International


Integrating primary sources into the classroom can enhance the learning experience, illuminating historical events through examining the writing of the time. Learn how to easily incorporate archival material into any humanities or social science curriculum to improve the student experience.

What you will find:

  • Quickly identify which primary sources your institution has access to
  • Learn best practices for searching, refining and using primary source material
  • How to use research tools in teaching to introduce subjects, themes or topics
  • Learn how to easily share documents and integrate archives into your learning management system
  • Explore materials that can be adapted to provide context for the archives to students.


COVID-19 Resources – how to get the most out of them from an instructional perspective. Gale In Context, Global Issues in Context, Kids Infobits

Original Webinar: 10-11 am (BST), Thursday 23rd April.

Hosted by: Carolyn Beckford, Gale EMEA Trainer


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the huge challenges being faced by every educational institution, Gale has opened up free access to products that either provide trustworthy information on COVID-19, professional development support for educators, or products that can help teach virtually in a time of remote working. Learn about these free resources and how you can use them to enhance teaching.

What you will find:

  • Learn about the COVID-19 resources; what they are, and which are appropriate for either school or university teaching
  • Integrate these resources with your existing resources to provide the best outcomes for students
  • Explore research tools to understand how to explore content in new ways and make discoveries
  • Understand how these resources can be integrated into existing systems, including learning management systems or virtual learning environments
  • Use these tools to explore critical thinking, giving students trusted sources of information that can enhance most classrooms