Gale Directory Library is a digital treasure trove collection of premier directories on companies, publishers, associations, and more—sources that are unavailable or difficult to find on the internet. Gale expertly compiles many of the reliable directories comprised in this electronic resource; directories from other renowned publishers are also included.

Libraries can select the directories they want and make them available to users at any time and from anywhere. Data sorting, filtering, and exporting are easy. Plus, the information is much more detailed. Anyone in the planning stages of a business or wanting to know how to acquire start-up investors will find it extremely useful.

Gale Directory Library allows researchers to:

  • Cross-search multiple data elements within a directory title (across all years) simultaneously
  • Sort and export data to analyze or generate mailing lists
  • Print, email, or download individual entries
  • Access historical data to make informed decisions using competitive intelligence, trend analysis, and selling strategies
  • Find relevant results fast, reducing the amount of time patrons spend searching for information

Gale Directory Library is undergoing significant updates to improve its user experience. The addition of essential workflow tools and expanded data sorting, filtering, and exporting will make this popular collection of online directories easier to use than ever before. Visit the product update blog for more information and content updates throughout the migration process.

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Platform Features & Tools

Cross-Search Capability

Search across the content of complementary products in one intuitive environment, enabling innovative new research connections.


Export custom search results to programs like Excel, making the creation of mailing lists and analyzing trends a snap.